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Sevens invites you to try your luck! You will not be tested only with your analytical thinking skills but also how much of a lucky person you are! With its different colors of dices and fun rules, you will be addicted to this board game. Roll the dices, combine them till they add up to 7, and clear the board. Sounds easy? Then let's click on the play button and see if you can win the game!

Add up to 7

Combine dices

Combine the dices that add up to 7! Roll the new ones and try your chances while increasing the points!

Combine more than 2 dices

Blue dice

If you can manage to combine 3 dices that add up to 7, you can get more points.

Blue dices

Red dice

If you combine the blue ones only, you will get x2 points.


How it works

The objective of Sevens is to clear all the dices by combining them till they add up to 7. You can use as many
dices as you want if you can reach seven. The best combination that earns you the highest score is using 3
blue dices. When you clear a column, you will receive a red die with different symbols. If you are out of
moves, use the red dices from the bottom to get 2 new options. Have fun playing!

When you are out of moves and used up all the red dices from the bottom, the game is over.


Each combination of dice earns you different points. If you combine 2 white dices, you receive 7 points
like combining 1 white and 1 blue. If you combine 3 white dices, you receive 15 points like combining 2
blues. If you combine more than 3 dices, you get 7 sharp. The highest points come from matching 3 blue
dices. It gives you 30 points. No matter if you choose the dices from the table or the bottom, the scoring
is the same. Completing the game doesn't give you extra points.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
samasu5 722
ootjen 535

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
Kamilla11 1,048
marea78 1,007
Alvasitesi 955
samasu5 954
marpje 937
Sandy1988 885
Alexiaaaaa 877
samasu5 867
Soewziej 832
Nancy6002 822


Win Table

Score Score Bet
  100+ 1
  160+ 2
  240+ 4
  320+ 6
  420+ 8
  520+ 10
  600+ 12
  660+ 15
  720+ 20
  780+ 35
  840+ 80
  900+ 200