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Get ready for the best solitaire experience with Royal Solitaire! you can be the master of cards and rule your own games from now on. The idea of this fun solitaire version is to create hands that you will need for almost all the social card games. You can both test your card games knowledge and have utmost fun at the same time. Select the cards, make variations, add them to the top and fill your scoreboard now!

Make hands

Make a hand

How many hand variations do you know? Make various types of hands with one standard deck and earn lots of points!

Add cards


Select the cards that you need for making a hand. Then, click on the "add cards" button to receive your points!


Hand variations

Apart from the 5 rows of cards above, stack provides you 5 extra cards to use.


How it works

Your objective is all about making various types of hands in Royal Solitaire. On the middle field, you can
see five rows of cards and only the first row includes open cards. At the bottom, you can see the stack and 4
more open cards that you can use. Create the best hand you can with those cards based on their suits and
ranks. Check the variations and the points you can receive from the right side. When you are done selecting the cards, click on the add cards button to get the points!

You can have new 4 cards by using the stack.


In this fun game, your goal is to create hands and each hand earns you a different amount of points.
You can see the hand variations and the points you will get from the right side of the game screen. The
"two pair" hand is made with 4 cards of 2 ranks. The "three of a kind" hand is made with 3 same ranks and
the "four of a kind" is with 4 same ranks. The "straight" is made with 5 sequent cards. For the "flush" use
4 same suits and, for the "full house", use 5 cards of 3 and 2 same ranks. The "straight flush" is
with 4 same ranks and suits. Finally, the "royal flush" is made with 5 same ranks and suits.

The cards left in the stack earns you extra points that are added to your total score.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
samasu5 7,270
DiogoRafael 6,700
marleen22 6,590
dordtseanja 6,570
marleen22 6,430
sido11 6,350
Fuchsx 6,140
edig47 5,980
dimiboy 5,880
peter.asd020 5,870


Win Table

Score Score Bet
   10 20 50
  1000+ 2 4 10
  2000+ 4 8 20
  3000+ 6 12 30
  3500+ 8 16 40
  3900+ 10 20 50
  4300+ 12 24 60
  4700+ 15 30 75
  5000+ 18 36 90
  5500+ 30 60 150
  6000+ 60 120 300
  7000+ 100 200 500
  8000+ 150 300 750